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Product Details

Automatic arc pressure height adjuster WK-H6000

●Specially designed for various types of laser plasma power supplies
●Edge/punch mode optional
● Independent height test function
● No guns during cutting and cutting
● Built-in 6 kinds of stroke speed adjustable, precise adjustment of torch height
●Double digital tube displays various parameters
● error code output
● Collision protection output
● Dynamic punch function
●Small round perforation cutting technology
● Wide range of protection adjustment
●Multi-point acquisition height cutting technology
●Automatic or manual operation
●High and low speed free switching to extend the service life of wearing parts
Technical Parameters               
● Partial pressure ratio: 100:1
● Accuracy: 0.2-5V
Set arc voltage range: 50V-300V
Lifting body parameters:
●Rated voltage: AC24V
●Rated power: 100W
● Insurance: 13A
●Motor: DC24V
●Maximum lifting speed: 54mm/s