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Product Details

Plasma arc voltage regulator WK-H1000

Product parameters:
●Compatible with all current CNC cutting systems
●Enhanced cutting efficiency. Through the arc pressure sensor, during the whole cutting process, the cutting height is always constant, the workpiece is still flat, the cutting can still be carried out, and the constant cutting height ensures a high level of cutting quality.
● Configurable for dry or underwater cutting
● Allows cutting from the edge of the steel plate, improving material utilization and reducing waste
●The torch is equipped with anti-collision device to prevent the torch from colliding
● Pilot arc positioning is performed by the torch soft contact workpiece
● Given arc voltage and actual arc voltage display monitoring function
●Starting and arc cutting torch lifting function
●Arc length detection range function
● Dynamic perforation height function
●Automatically turn on the delay function
● Driving output delay function
●Working voltage: AC24V; 50/60HZ
●Drive mode: PWM (pulse width modulation mode)
● Output current: 1-4A, maximum 6A
● Output power: 100W
● Run transmission mode: plasma feedback input
● Accuracy: ±1V-±3V
●Set arc voltage range: 60V-250V