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  Waldin company mainly deals with the general plasma power, fine plasma power supply, new type of laser plasma power supply, arc voltage automatic height adjusting equipment, CNC plasma cutting machine, laser cutting machine, robot, etc.
  The products of valdin can be used in CNC plasma cutting machine, NC plasma groove cutting machine, CNC pipe cutting machine robot cutting equipment and NC automatic three-dimensional welding cutting equipment. Special CNC interface, suitable for NC cutting machine, robot, pipe cutting machine, intersecting line and other groove, two-dimensional, three-dimensional and multi-dimensional NC cutting;
  Since its establishment, the company has been rated as "Hebei Science and technology small and medium-sized enterprises" and "high-tech enterprises" in 2020. With dozens of patent achievements and independent property rights in 2021, Liandong u Valley enterprise headquarters, our company will provide service and feedback to dealers and users all over the country with solid base, reliable product quality, high-quality after-sales service and reasonable price.